Tuesday, September 23, 2008

because I love snailmail....

i've started a new series of songwriter postcards
that will include only lyrics on the back and they'll be mailed out to 
people I love. 

This is Bruce Springsteen - I know it isn't that great 
but they'll improve.

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SalamunicArt said...

Maria...don't be silly. :) Considering your background as a designer with very little exposure to the illustration field, you're doing pretty fantastic. I've looked through your design posts and they're pretty impressive as well. You just need to overcome the fact that the first few sketchbooks (2-3) will not be satisfying at all....as a matter of fact, if you manage to overcome the frustration of doing bad pieces, you'll develop much more confidence in your drawing which will naturally result in better pieces :)
Keep up with the postcard portraits....will I get a Bob Dylan card? ;)
See you in class tomorrow.

PS: you coming out drawing friday night again?